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About HHDW

About HHDW


HHDW was created in an attempt to standardize the collection and management of Hawaii’s health data and support the goal of the Healthy People Initiative. HHDW administers the design, development, and management of a centralized data repository. It is responsible for all education and technical trainings related to the utilization of the data warehouse. HHDW aims to provide instantaneous access to credible public health data and reports.

Goals and Objectives

Make available a highly technical centralized data warehouse that would translate to the overall improvement and expansion of health and services for the people of Hawaii.

Support programs in need of efficient data collection by assisting in the assessment, selection and implementation of information technology.

Provide resources that would maximize the skills of public health professionals, educate policy makers, and improve community health.

Encourage the utility of information technology in the public health arena.


If your group or organization would like to schedule a HHDW demonstration, please contact us.

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