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Hawaii Birth Count Data Is Now Available in IBIS

There is a new way to create reports from birth certificate data!  Use the powerful new IBIS Birth Query Module to explore Hawaii birth data from 2000 to 2016.  The IBIS Birth Query Module allows users to view de-identified birth record data by many dimensions including:

• geography (mother’s place of residence or infant’s place of birth)

• mother characteristics (age, race/ethnicity and marital status)

• father characteristics (age and race/ethnicity)

• infant characteristics (sex, race/ethnicity, birth weight, gestational age, plurality and more)

• prenatal care characteristics.

And, of course, these dimensions can be further explored using the IBIS data display features for grouping data.  This first edition includes count data only but future iterations will include population denominator data to create rates. Click here to get started.