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Health Reports & Data

Hawai‘i PRAMS Data

Data collected by Hawai‘i ‘s Department of Health’s PRAMS program is used to enhance discussion about important health issues facing families in Hawaii.

Fact sheets are used to increase discussion, focus further analyses, and serve as a way to present data on several important issues and how they may vary among common socio-demographic groups. The length of a fact sheet is limited and is not meant to portray a complete picture for any one particular issue. We hope that these and other products produced using Hawai‘i PRAMS data will be useful information to improve the health of all in Hawai‘i.

Hawaii Breastfeeding Quick Facts, March 2013

Hawaii Safe Sleep Quick Facts, March 2013

Hawaii Perinatal Alcohol Use Quick Facts, March 2013

Hawaii Perinatal Smoking Quick Facts, March 2013

For more information about Hawaii PRAMS: Hawaii Department of Health Program