Hawaiʻi 16 Leading Causes of Death

The Hawaiʻi Department of Health, Office of Health Status Monitoring, categorized the leading causes of death in Hawaiʻi, based on the underlying cause of death ICD-10 codes.

Updated ICD-10 codes: https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nvsr/nvsr66/nvsr66_05.pdf, page 3.

Code List

(last updated 2022)

The IBIS system uses these selected causes of death in the Mortality Query Module.

  Cause of Death ICD-10 Codes
1Major cardiovascular diseasesI00-I79
2Malignant neoplasmsC00-C97
3Accidents (unintentional injuries)V01-V99, W00-W99, X00-X59, Y85-Y86
4Influenza/ PneumoniaJ09-J18
5Chronic lower respiratory diseasesJ40-J47
6Diabetes mellitusE10-E14
7Alzheimer's diseaseG30
8Intentional self-harm (suicide)X60-X84, Y87.0
9Other diseases of respiratory systemJ00-J06, J30-J39, J67, J70-J99
10Symptoms, signs & abnorm clinical/lab findings NECR00-R99
12Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosisN00-N08, N17, N18.0, N18.8, N18.9, N19, N25-N27
13Pneumonitis due to solids and liquidsJ69
14Chronic liver disease and cirrhosisK70, K73-K74
15Parkinson's diseaseG20-G22
17All other diseases (Residual)Residual

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