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Report Highlights

The new website and Hawaii Indicator Based Information System (Hawaii-IBIS) are here!

The wait is over! HHDW unveiled its new, improved website, including an excellent data query tool that puts the power in the user’s hands. The traditional HHDW reports are still available for all six data sources and the searching capacity remains unchanged. Users can find detailed data on over 600 different health measures by searching by category, data source, or Healthy People 2020 topic area. The Leading Health Indicator reports by county and by race/ethnicity are also still present.

However, the addition of Hawaii-IBIS (Indicator Based Information System) gives users the ability to perform real-time data queries using parameters they set. Hawaii-IBIS offers filters so that users can pinpoint the data they need, as well as display options so users can see their results how they want. It allows users to examine health measures by a range of demographic and geographic dimensions. The ‘Display by’ feature lets users create charts and tables tailored to their specific needs.


Interested in asthma among young adults on Hawaii Island? Hawaii-IBIS can help! How about physical activity among women in Makiki? Hawaii-IBIS can do that, too! Currently, there is a subset of (more…)

The 2012 Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring Survey (PRAMS) data are in!

It was worth the wait! PRAMS is a critical source of information about Hawaii’s mothers and infants. Thanks to all the participants!


We made some new reports from this data set. Now, the Hawaii Health Data Warehouse has a series of reports on birth control (contraception) use at the time of conception. Specifically, these new documents examine the reasons why women may not have been using any method to prevent pregnancy, even though they were not trying to get pregnant. We found that of women who were not trying to get pregnant, 44% reported using some form of contraception. Of those who were not using any method of birth control, half reported that they didn’t mind getting pregnant. (more…)

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  • Enhanced Website! has a new look! It’s the same great website, but with a new design and improved functionality. The new navigation makes it easy to find the information you are looking for and the new layout places our most popular features at your fingertips. Check out our great new header courtesy of the artists from […]

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  • How to use this site

    There are more than 600 reports available on this website.

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  • HHDW Report Policy

    The Hawaii Health Data Warehouse routinely publishes reports from several data sources, including Vital Statistics and several surveillance programs. Before the reports are posted, the data providers are required to validate the reports. Validating the reports involves getting approval for the differences in numbers and formatting preferences between the data providers and HHDW reports. Differences in numbers could result from the dates of data retrieval or reporting dates, statistical tools used, and rounding or comparison methodologies.

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  • Department of Health

    The Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH) exists to protect and improve the health and environment for all people in Hawaii.

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