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Youth Tobacco Survey (YTS)

The Youth Tobacco Survey (YTS)  is intended to enhance the capacity of state and local agencies to design, implement, and evaluate tobacco prevention and control programs to prevent tobacco use among non-users and to help users quit. To that end, the YTS measures: prevalence of tobacco products; knowledge and attitudes regarding tobacco use; exposure to media and advertising; information on the enforcement of minors’ access regulations and laws; presence of tobacco programs in school curricula; cessation attempts and successes; and second-hand smoke exposure.

The CDC discontinued state-based Youth Tobacco Surveys after 2019.

For more information about the ongoing National Youth Tobacco Survey (NYTS) click here.

Data Release Notes

The surveys we use to collect data are constantly being updated. As the surveys evolve, new indicators are created and old indicators are removed. The data release notes contain information about new indicators and dimensions that have been added each year. General data release notes are available on the YTS Health Indicator Selection page.

YearStudents SurveyedHawai‘i SurveysData Release Notes
2019MS - 1,969
HS - 2,063
YTS 20192019 Release Notes
2017MS - 1,979
HS - 1,926
YTS 2017
2015MS - 2,244
HS - 1,911
YTS 2015
2013MS - 1,980
HS - 1,455
YTS 2013
2011MS - 1,644
HS - 1,298
YTS 2011
2009MS - 1,622
HS - 1,467
YTS 2009
2007MS - 1,176
HS - 1,211
YTS 2007
2005MS - 1,676
HS - 1,551
YTS 2005
2003MS - 10,640*
HS - No Data**
YTS 2003
2000MS - No Data**
HS - 1,511
YTS 2000

* Hawaii conducted a combined health survey with all students in 2003.
** 2000 middle school and 2003 high school data are not available because they did not meet CDC weighting standards.

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