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Birth Data

The birth record data is composed of variables extracted from birth certificates from live births as captured by the Hawaiʻi State Department of Health, Office of Health Status Monitoring (OHSM). The birth record contains important information about the birth, the baby and the parents. The data can be viewed by the mother’s place of residence which will include only babies born to women who reside in Hawaiʻi, or by infant’s place of birth which includes all infants born in Hawaiʻi regardless of the place of residence of the mother. For babies who are adopted at birth, the birth record information about the mother is for the adopted mother, not the birth mother. Cell size restrictions are applied when the numerator (number of births) is between 1 and 9. For statistical reliability, rates are not calculated when the numerator is less than 20.

State and national data on live births can be accessed via CDC WONDER.

Data Release Notes 

General data release notes are available on the Birth Health Indicator Selection page.

Number of Births Per Year

2022 - 15,5702010 - 18,948
2021 - 15,6372009 - 18,891
2020 - 15,8072008 - 19,462
2019 - 16,8352007 - 19,152
2018 - 17,0262006 - 18,986
2017 - 17,5242005 - 17,922
2016 - 18,0672004 - 18,296
2015 - 18,4612003 - 18,141
2014 - 18,5822002 - 17,515
2013 - 18,9792001 - 17,129
2012 - 18,9852000 - 17,639
2011 - 18,971

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