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Death record data is composed of variables extracted from death certificates based on deaths that occur in the State of Hawaiʻi as captured by the Hawaiʻi State Department of Health, Office of Health Status Monitoring (OHSM). Death certificates contain important information about the person who died and the date, time, location and cause of death. Cause(s) of death are determined by a physician, advanced practice registered nurse, medical examiner or coroner, and are coded and processed in accordance with International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision (ICD-10). The ICD-10 codes are designed to promote international comparability in the collection, processing, classification and presentation of mortality statistics. This process yields a single select cause of death known as the underlying cause of death, which is presented here. Death data can be viewed by the place where the death happened (place of occurrence) or by the place of residence of the decedent (Hawaiʻi location, Other US, or International).

In accordance with policies of the OHSM, Hawaiʻi data excludes all death records with HIV/AIDS (ICD-10: B20-B24, R75 or Z21) as the underlying cause. Cell size restrictions are applied when the numerator (number of births) is between 1 and 9. For statistical reliability, rates are not calculated when the numerator is less than 20.

State and national data be accessed on CDC WONDER for underlying cause of death or multiple cause of death.

Data Release Notes 

General data release notes are available on the Death Health Indicator Selection page.

Special Topics

For information about fetal death data click here. For information about induced termination of pregnancy (ITOPs) data click here.

Number of Deaths Per Year

2022 - 13,3072010 - 9,632
2021 - 12,8772009 - 9,934
2020 - 12,0272008 - 9,553
2019 - 11,7362007 - 9,602
2018 - 11,5312006 - 9,602
2017 - 11,5002005 - 9,301
2016 - 11,0352004 - 9,219
2015 - 11,1982003 - 9,153
2014 - 10,8642002 - 8,960
2013 - 10,5582001 - 8,581
2012 - 10,3322000 - 8,485
2011 - 9,936

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