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Breastfeeding - exclusive, for 8+ weeks

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Breastfeeding (exclusive) duration 8+ weeks by county, 2019-2021

Why Is This Important?

Breast milk is the most complete nutrition for a new baby as it offers a perfect combination of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, and vitamins essential for optimum growth, health, and development. It also provides active defense against many early-life diseases including ear and respiratory infections, sudden infant death syndrome, skin, and stomach problems as well as lowers the risk for many diseases later in life including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and asthma. Breastfeeding is also associated with health benefits to mothers, decreasing the risk for type 2 diabetes, breast cancer, and ovarian cancer.


Percent of mothers who exclusively breastfed their infants for 8 or more weeks based on a series of questions.

Data Source

'''Citation''': Hawaii State Department of Health, Hawaii Health Data Warehouse, Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System. [Chart Title, appropriate years(s)]. Published [update date]. Accessed [query date]. [URL]

How the Measure is Calculated

Numerator:The numerator includes mothers who offered only breast milk to their babies for the first 8 weeks or more based on a series of questions.
Denominator:The denominator includes all survey respondents except those with missing, don't know, and refused answers.
Indicator Data Last Updated On 06/01/2023, Published on 06/09/2023