Hawaiʻi Health Data Warehouse

Introducing Community Reports!

HHDW is proud to introduce a new feature in the Indicator-Based Information System (IBIS)—Community Snapshot Reports.  Want more information about the health status of a particular community in Hawaii? This is the place. We have assembled a series of 22 health indicators from the BRFSS, PRAMS, YTS and YRBS to give you a quick snapshot of the health of community. Just select your community of interest by county or race/ethnicity and quickly see how they are doing compared to the rest of the state. Additional groups of indicators and communities will be added later this year.  Here are a few highlights….

  • In Hawaii, Native Hawaiian high school students are more likely to have current asthma compared to students statewide (17.1% vs 12.7%).
  • 8% of Hawaii County high school students have current asthma compared to 12.7% of students statewide.
  • Native Hawaiian youth in middle school (20.8%) and high school (25.7%) and adults (28.4%) are more likely to meet age-specific physical activity guidelines that their counterparts statewide.
  • Filipino adults are more likely to have diabetes than adults statewide (12.1% vs 8.7%)., but they are less likely to be obese (19.9% vs 23.4%).
  • Almost three-quarters (74.4%) of Honolulu County adults aged 50-75 have been screened for colorectal cancer recently—significantly higher than any other county.
  • Almost 90% of Japanese women have had a mammogram in the past two years compared to 84.4% of women statewide.
  • Japanese adults were more likely to have high cholesterol (34.6%) than adults statewide (30.7%).

Use the Community Snapshot Reports in Hawaii-IBIS to explore more results and see how your community compares to the state. Visit our Introduction page to learn how to run your own Community Report.