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Office of Hawaiian Affairs 2019 Native Hawaiian Data Book

The 2019 edition of the  Native Hawaiian Data Book has arrived!  This fully digital publication is a must-have, in-depth reference for statistical data concerning Hawaii and Native Hawaiian people.  The Data Book is divided into 10 topics: Population, Housing, Labor and Employment, Income, Land, Water and Air, Education, Health and Vital Statistics, Human Services, Crime, and Legacy Data. The publication includes maps, tables and data links for further information. You can find the online Data Book in the resource library of our Hawaii Health Matters (HHM) website and at www.OHAdatabook.com. 

The Native Hawaiian Data Book is a periodic publication of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA) which  was established during the 1978 Constitutional Convention to serve as the principal public agency in the State of Hawaii responsible for the performance, development, and coordination of programs relating to Native Hawaiians. The first hard copy edition of the Native Hawaiian Data Book was published in 1994, and the first online edition in 1996. Starting in 2011, hard copies of the Data Book were discontinued and switched entirely to a digital format. The digital format provides greater flexibility in disseminating current data, and can be updated in a timelier manner. For example, the Health and Vital Statistics  and Human Services tables were updated in January and March of 2020, respectively.