Hawaiʻi Health Data Warehouse

Healthy People 2030 Tracker Expansion

The expanded Healthy People 2030 Tracker is now available in Hawaiʻi Health Matters (HHM). Healthy People 2030 is a comprehensive set of key disease prevention and health promotion objectives for the United States. It contains 355 core objectives and 23 leading health indicators (LHIs) with targets that allow communities to assess their health status and build an agenda for community health improvement. 

Our Healthy People 2030 Tracker can be used to monitor Hawaiʻi’s progress towards national targets. It was first launched in September 2021 with 61 health indicators. The expanded tracker now contains a total of 109 health indicators, including 22 LHIs across 23 topic areas. 

We have new indicators under the following topic areas (including 3 new topic areas):

  • Arthritis (new)
  • Immunization & Infectious Disease
  • Injury & Violence Prevention
  • Respiratory Disease (new)
  • Sleep Health (new)
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Substance Abuse
  • Tobacco Use

When you click on an indicator in the tracker and hover over the HP 2030 Target or HP 2030 LHI icon, you can learn more about the objective and how it is tracked in Hawai‘i. 

Click here to view the video on how to use the tracker.

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