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NEW Population-Based Birth Rate Data

The Birth Query Module in Hawaii-IBIS has grown! We’ve added new customizable reports on infant birth weight, prenatal care and preterm births and new rate reports for birth, fertility and teen births by Census race and DOH Race/Ethnicity.

Here are some highlights. Click on the hyperlinks to modify the default report to create your own custom report. Click here to see the Coffee Break video for more information.

  • Low birth weight babies comprised 8.4% of all births in 2019 with 1.2% of births having very low birth weight. Low birth rate varied by mothers’ race/ethnicity from 4.9% among Caucasians to 10.1% among Filipinas. Babies born as part of multiple births were were almost 8 times more likely to have low birth weight as single birth babies (53.3% and 6.8%, respectively).
  • 5.2% of births received no prenatal care in 2019 compared to 3.3% of births in 2017. Teen mothers (age 15-19) were about twice as likely to receive no prenatal care (10.1%) compared to mothers age 20-44 (.
  • The crude birth rate was 12.5 per 1000 persons in 2019 and the fertility rate was 62.9 per 1000 women age 15-44 . The fertility rate has decreased significantly from 70.9 per 1000 women age 15-44 in 2010. Fertility rate varied dramatically by race/ethnicity from 12.3 among Others to 124.9 among Other Pacific Islanders.

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